Montmartre Tour by Vespa


This Scooter Tour is designed for people who already know the places described in our Paris Must See Tour by Vespa and our Paris in a day Tour.

View of Paris from Montmartre

With this Vespa Tour of Eastern Paris and Montmartre, we will show you another Paris which is mainly known by the locals. Following in the footsteps of the cult French movie Amélie, we have inspired a tour for you to meet the French people and get a perspective of their daily life in Paris…

Interested in our Montmartre Tour by Vespa ?

Check our conditions:


If you are staying in a hotel or appartment in Paris we will most likely be able to pick you up and drop you off at your accomodation. Then, our Montmartre Tour will start at your hotel. Otherwise, we will meet at a pre-arranged public place that has parking (near a train station like Gare du Nord if you come from London).

Duration of our Montmartre Tour

Our Montmartre Tour by Vespa usually last between around 3 hours and a half. From about 10:00am to 1:30pm or from 2:00pm to 5:30pm. As all tours are private, you won’t have to wait other clients at their hotel…If these schedules don’t fit your wish, contact us so that we see what we can arrange.

Snack time and/or a drink

As a private and customized tour, You have an opportunity to stop at the café “des Deux Moulins” (or at any other cafés of your choice) to have a snack, a drink before we keep on going on the tour. *Drinks not included in the price

What’s included in our Montmartre Tour ?

Our prices include : the Vespa delivered anywhere in Paris, 2 X helmets, gas, U-lock, scooter insurance, gloves, your guide and its scooter and French TVA taxes.

Prices & Booking of the tour

Tour One driver With a passenger
Montmartre Tour €149 €50

If you want to keep the scooter to drive on your own and visit Paris by yourself that’s possible ! (49€/day after a tour). GPS an option. It is a good way to avoid the subway and feel like a Parisian for the rest of your stay!

What are the requirements to participate in a Montmartre Tour by Vespa?

To feel confident driving a Vespa scooter and spend a nice day you need to have already driven a moped, Vespa, motorbike…or any 2 Wheels motorized. You also need a current driving licence and a valid card for the 1200€ deposit. (not charged – a hold)

More informations about the conditions to drive a Vespa in Paris are available in our FAQ section. Additional details can be asked by e-mail.

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Places to see during our Eastern Paris & Montmartre Tour by Vespa

On the trail of the French movie Amélie…
After driving our Vespas on Montmartre hill for a while – and perhaps after having a drink at the terrace of the “Café des Deux Moulins” – we will drive along the Paris red light district where Amélie’s lover Nino works.

Café des Deux Moulins

By the way, this red light district is also home of Paris cabarets, including the legendary Moulin Rouge.

Like Amélie and Nino Quincampoix, we will ride down St Vincent street (the same street where a mosquito crashes earlier in the movie) and along the Paris Montmartre’s vineyard, the oldest one in Paris. Even though, It doesn’t produce a Bordeaux wine, we still love it here!

Follow your Paris Tour Guide through the streets, swinging by the Épicerie Collignon (the Fresh fruit & vegetable store in the movie), and by the métro station where Amélie aids a blind man, describing to him his environment.


If your timing is lucky we may hop off our scooters and climb on a small bridge to attend the leveling of water between the locks of the canal Saint-Martin while a river boat awaits.

List of the places to see during our Montmartre Tour by Vespa


This romantic & very special Tour by Vespa Scooter is a great way to feel the vibe of the underground Paris.

Before we head back to your drop off location, we will stop by a gorgeous Parisian park lesser known to the tourists.

hop on your scooter and off to the Eastern Paris and Montmartre Tour.

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  • Because safety is not just a slogan : our tours are ONLY private and for travelers who know one another
  • Our scooters are insured with the only valid insurance provider to scooter rental companies in Paris
  • ALL our tours are private : customize your tour of Paris, stopping anytime & anywhere YOU wish to visit monuments & museums...
  • Ride with your native French guide
  • Keep your Vespa after your tour


  • Save time : to rent your scooter, do it ONLINE!
  • We deliver to you everywhere in Paris
  • And we pick it up back from you wherever you want in Paris: your hotel, Eurostar, train station...
  • GPS available for a total freedom


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