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Paris By Scooter offers you a Vespa scooter rental service based in Paris, France.

Because Paris by Scooter knows that your time is precious – we will drive the scooter directly to your hotel and collect it after your rental period. No need for you to come to our scooter shop ! Gain time and have fun !

***Low Season Special*** 5€ per day off all scooter rentals *** 20% off all scooter tours

Our choice of Vespa scooters to hire in Paris:

*** The Vespa LXV 50CC and the Vespa LXV 125CC ***

scooter rental paris

Paris by Scooter offers you the possibility to drive the Vespa LXV 50CC & the Vespa LXV 125CC. They are both renowned for their design : chic and vintage. Offering the same look as the original Vespa model launched by Piaggio in 1946, these vintage scooters have been especially designed for the 60th anniversary of the famous Italian brand “Vespa”. The Vespa LXV model features a leather seat and chrome trimmings; user-friendly and easy to handle (with an electric start and automatic transmission). Both the Vespa LXV 125CC and the 50CC are perfect for a scooter driver and his passenger to ride through Paris. The LXV is definitely our favourite Vespa model. We are the only Vespa rental company in Paris to offer the LXV 50CC model. These superb scooters with their vintage look are robust and reliable. This Vespa scooter is perfect for one driver and his passenger.

scooter rental paris Scooter rental: 1 to 2 days Scooter rental: more than 2 days
Vespa scooter LXV 50CC €79 / day Click to Request a Quote
Vespa scooter LXV 125CC €79 / day Click to Request a Quote
GPS Tom Tom Rider in English €20 / day Click to Request a Quote


*** The Vespa Primavera 50CC ***

scooter rental paris

The Vespa Primavera 50CC is the last model from Vespa. In France Vespa started to sell this new scooter on March 2014. The Vespa Primareva inherits from the refined and exclusive elegance of Vespa 946 while preserving its romantic spirit. The new design of the Vespa Primavera offer an electronic board, and a new very fashionable style. This Vespa scooter is very comfortable to ride with its new 11″ wheels. The vespa Primavera is powered by a modern and ecological 50 cc engine. We are the only scooter rental company to offer this all new Vespa scooter to hire in Paris. The Vespa “Primavera” scooter promises you a comfortable ride through the streets of Paris.

Ideal for 2 peoples, This Vespa scooter is also user-friendly and easy to handle (with an electric start and automatic transmission).

scooter rental Scooter rental: 1 to 2 days Scooter rental: more than 2 days
Vespa scooter Primavera 50CC €79 / day Click to Request a Quote
GPS Tom Tom Rider in English €20 / day Click to Request a Quote


*** The Vespa S 50CC and the Vespa S 125CC ***

scooter rental paris

Let yourself be seduced by the personality of the Vespa S : This Vespa Scooter is a sporty scooter designed with a minimalist style (square shape of the front light, rectangular mirrors, and chromes). Built for the city, the Vespa S is ideal to zip around cars and it guarantees you some fun everyday. Even if this scooter is not the most comfortable scooter for 2 persons, This Vespa is OK for one driver and his passenger. This classic Vespa model is popular. Our attractive price of 69€ per day makes it great value for money scooter rental by Paris standards.

scooter rental Scooter rental: 1 to 2 days Scooter rental: more than 2 days
Vespa scooter S 50CC €69 / day Click to Request a Quote
Vespa scooter S 125CC €79 / day Click to Request a Quote
GPS Tom Tom Rider in English €20 / day Click to Request a Quote


Looking to rent a scooter ?

Look at our conditions:

Rental period

The scooter rental service in Paris usually covers 24 hours – You can choose your schedule online. Paris By Scooter is opened 7 days a week including on Sundays.

Included in the price of the rental

Our prices include : your Vespa scooter delivered anywhere in Paris, 2 X helmets, a U-lock, scooter insurance, your gloves, your wet weather gears and VAT.

Delivery and pick-up of your Vespa:

As mentioned above, if you are staying in a hotel or apartment in Paris we will deliver your scooter directly to your accommodation. After the rental period, we will collect your Vespa from your hotel or apartment. We can also meet up with you at a pre-arranged location with parking facilities (for instance near a railway station such as Gare du Nord if you are arriving from London).

What are the requirements to rent a scooter in Paris ?

To rent a scooter in Paris and have fun you need to feel confident riding a scooter. This is the reason why we ask you a previous experience of driving a moped, Vespa, motorbike…or any 2-wheel motor vehicle.

We recommand you to read our Terms & conditions before booking. Please, contact us by mail for additional details.


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Advantages of renting a Vespa with Paris by Scooter :

Our Vespa scooter rental includes :
scooter hire parisDelivery and pick-up of your Vespa scooter anywhere in Paris including on Sundays!
scooter paris toursTop case and cushion back rest for your passenger.
rent a scooter in parisLatest model of helmets for 2 passengers : no extra charge for second helmet.
renting a scooter in parisIn case of rain or snow, you can cancel your scooter hire up to 2 hours prior to planned rental time. One condition applies: inform us by e-mail at least 2 hours before the planned Vespa rental time.
renting a scooter in parisIn case of rain, we offer you wet weather gear.
vespa rental parisGPS Tom Tom Rider (on option) to help you find the fastest and most efficient way to reach your destination and get back to your hotel. This GPS, especially designed for scooters and motorbikes, is directly connected to the battery of the scooter so that it is charged at all times.
renting a scooter in parisOur aim is to make your stay as carefree and relaxing as possible: we are flexible and always eager to answer all your questions to make you feel at home in Paris. After dropping off the Vespa at your accommodation, our team is happy to provide you with instructions & advice on which itinerary will suit you best. We can help you customise your itineraries so you can get to wherever you want to go easily and quickly.
paris hire scooterOur Vespa scooters are easy to drive and regularly serviced. (every 5000kms)
paris hire scooterWe are the only scooter rental company in Paris to provide the very chic & vintage scooter Vespa LXV 50CC designed to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the brand Vespa. If you find another scooter rental in Paris which offers this model with matching services, we offer you a 50% discount !

scooters in Paris

Riding a Vespa scooter in Paris is an exciting way to explore the city, to experiment the atmosphere and discover the beauty of Paris’s architecture and fabulous monuments. Haussmann’s wide, tree-lined boulevards and avenues are well suited to scooter driving and the time you save will enable you to visit entire districts that you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered.

scooter rental paris booking


  • Because safety is not just a slogan : our tours are ONLY private and for travelers who know one another.
  • All ours scooters are insured with the only valid insurer for scooter rental companies.
  • Our tours are ALL private : just YOU and your guide : customize your tour of Paris : stop whenever & wherever YOU want to visit a monument, or a museum.
  • Ride with your native French guide!
  • And keep your Vespa after your tour!


  • Your Scooter delivered to your hotel!
  • ... and picked up wherever you want in Paris: hotel, Eurostar train station...
  • Order your scooter rental online & save time during your stay in Paris.
  • GPS an option for your total freedom.

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