Conditions to rent a scooter in Paris France

The contracts applied by Paris By Scooter are done to respect the French law and the our current French insurance. We always do our best to offer you a pleasant service according to the law. We work with the best and only respectable French insurer which accept to cover scooter rentals company in France. In order to guaranty you this quality of insurance and service, the rules below are applied.

Driving licence to rent a scooter in Paris

To rent a scooter in Paris, you need :

  For 50cc scooters, the driver must be at least 18 years old. If the driver is born after 1988, you must be in possession of a current car driving licence. If the driver is born in 1988 or before, no driving licence is required.
  For 125cc scooters, the driver must be at least 20 years old and in possession of a current motorcycle driving licence.

Driving an automatic Vespa scooter is easy but an experience of driving a scooter/moped or motorbike is required. If we feel that a client may be a danger for him or other drivers, The guide can decide to stop the Tour.

Paris by Scooter – Reservation and Cancellation Policy

A payment of 50€ is required at the time of booking in order to secure your scooter tour or Vespa rental. The deposit can be payed online with a secure payment system (paypal and/or cards). This payment enables us to move your scooter to your hotel. Reservations are confirmed by mail a few hours after the booking.

  A cancellation 1 day prior to the date of the Guided Tour or Rental will result in a full reimbursement of the deposit.
  A cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the date of the Guided Tour or Rental will result in no reimbursement of the deposit. Except in case of rain, snow, very low temperature … you can cancel the tour or rental at the condition to send an e-mail at least 2 hours before the rental or tour. In this case, Paris by Scooter will propose you an alternative date. Paris by Scooter can not guaranty that an alternative date will be available. if our schedules don’t fit with your requirement, you will be fully reimbursed.


Paris by Scooter hands over the insurance certificate and a copy of the vehicle registration. Paris by Scooter is insured against damage caused to a third party. All vehicles are insured with a third-party insurance. In case of responsible accident, our insurance will pay your health cost up to 800€. We advice you to check with your insurance to make sure that you have a health insurance which fully covers you in case of an accident in which you could have a part of responsibility.

Please, Note that :

  As a foreigner, you don’t benefit of the French social security. That’s why, as a foreigner, we recommend you to take an insurance for your personal wealth. Your current insurance may already covered you when you are abroad. Otherwise Travel Guard insurance will cover you for a few euros.
  In any case, there are no insurer which accept to cover a scooter rental company against thefts on a scooter in France. In case of theft or responsible damage, the deposit is used (up to the cost of the reparation with a maximum of 1200€). However, if you are careful and use our lock, there are no reason to be stolen. You will never be charged more than the deposit.
We prefer to be honest and say the truth than to pretend things which are not true. The French law are the same for all the company. Some are honest, other are not.

The vehicle should not be driven by a person other than the person whose name appears on the rental contract. In case of a rental, the vehicle must not leave Paris and must not go beyond the ring road (Peripherique). The vehicle must not be used off road.

In case of accident, you must notify us immediately at 06 28 35 39 30. An accident report must be made and sent to Paris by Scooter within 3 days of the accident.

General Policies: Lessee’s disregard of the general conditions may nullify Paris by Scooter insurance coverage and lessee will bear the full responsibility for damages to the Vespa and/or to third parties.

Deposit the day of the scooter rental or tour

On the day of the Guided Tour or the Rental, the Lessee will make a deposit of 1200€ by card which will be canceled after the tour / rental. With AMEX, the release can take up to 14 days. With a VISA card (without ship), the release can take up to 7 days. With a VISA card (with ship), the release can be done after the rental. Please check with your bank for the exact delay. Under condition, for the Guided Tours ONLY, the amount of the deposit can be negociated (ask us by e-mail or phone).

This deposit is not charged. It is a hold of a card (Visa, Amex, Mastercard…) by machine.
If the vehicle is not returned in its original condition at the start of the tour/rental, the client will forfeit his security deposit up to the cost of repair. A repair estimate will be sent to the client. If the insurance company establishes that the client is not responsible for the damage, the client will recover his security deposit after the insurance company so attests. In case of loss or theft of the scooter, the client will lose his security deposit.(case of a rental only)
The client is responsible of fines due for all traffic violations (parking, speeding, etc.,) that occur during the rental period.
If the lessee is not liable for any supplementary costs, his security deposit will be refunded. All monies due to Paris by Scooter will be deducted from the security deposit.

Please note that Paris by Scooter is not licensed to and do not provide lessons for operating a scooter.

Scooter Tour and Scooter Rental Contract

Prior to the trip, you’ll fill a contract describing your tour or rental service. The conditions above sum up the contract and are part of the rental agreement which all clients sign before departure. During this short time, we’ll need your driving license and your credit card for the deposit.

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