Wandering around a Paris Flea Market by Vespa …

paris flea market

A brocante is a kind of ephemeral Paris flea market which is opened once a year in a street of Paris. Most of the dealers are Parisians living in the district but a few of them may be professionals. Treasure seekers and bargain hunters alike are invited to explore Paris street markets and Paris flea markets.

Yesterday, after delivering 2 Vespa, I decided to wander around Paris by Vespa scooter in the 9th and 18th disctrict when I fall on the brocante located rue des martyrs – a very lively street with many shops, cabarets (Chez Michou …), one club/theater called « Le Divan du Monde » and many bars-

As you can imagine this street is much livelier during the night but once a time, at 10am, this street was already full of parisians looking for a good occasion.

paris flea market

if you wonder what to do this week end, then this Paris street market could be the occasion to discover the district of Pigalle and Abesses near Montmartre.

How to Get to the Paris Street Market of Rue des Martyrs

To Get to the Paris Street Market Rue des Martyrs just go directly to Rue des Martyrs, 9th district in Paris – 
Metro : Notre Dame de Lorette

When does this Paris Street Market open ?

Open on Saturday 9 and Sunday, March 10, 2013 
From 7am to 7pm

Otherwise, if you prefer to visit the biggest flea market of Paris, have a vespa scooter tour of Paris and go to the Marché de Sain Ouen :

Paris Flea market of Sain Ouen

The Paris Flea Market of Saint Ouen was created in 1885 and covers more than seven hectares, and now includes fifteen markets with a unique atmosphere.

paris flea market

Some of these fifteen flea markets (Paul Bert Flea Market, Serpette Flea Market, Biron Flea Market, Jules Valles Flea Market, Vales Lecuyer Flea Market, Dauphine Flea Market, Malik Flea Market, Malisson Flea Market, Vernaison Flea Market, Antica Flea Market) are fully covered and others are not. When the markets are not covered, you will find a multiple of open-air streets with covered boutiques for the antiques dealers.

The Paris Flea Market of Saint Ouen is one of the biggest flea market in the world.

Crossroads of art combining antique dealers, designers, craftsmen and artists, the Paris Flea Market of Saint Ouen is a powerful economic location. 200 000 visitors are coming every week end, looking for antiques for sale : all kind of decorative items such as vases, antiques sculptures, bowls, desk accessories, antique perfume bottles, antique mirrors, tableware, lithograph, art books, old luxury swatches like Rolex, Cartier… But most of the visitors are looking for antique furniture or antique painting.

The funny anecdote about this famous market located just near Paris is that you will find a mixed communities : some of the wealthiest parisians come here to buy a painting at 10 000€ and in the meanwhile the flea market of Saint Ouen is also a popular location where teenagers of the suburbs come during their week end to buy a T-shirt, a jean or any cheap clothes.

Antique map of Paris Flea Market of Saint Ouen : Antique map of the marketantique map of paris flea market

The Paris Flea Markets are opened to the public:

• on Saturday from 9am to 6pm

• on Sunday from 10am to 6pm

• On Monday from 11am to 5pm


How to Get to the Paris Flea Markets :

Get to the Paris Flea Markets by Métro:
• Porte de Clignancourt paris market line 4
• Garibaldi paris market line 13

Or Get to the Paris Flea Markets by Bus :
• paris market bus 56 paris flea market bus 60 paris market bus 86 paris market bus 95 paris flea market bus 137 paris market bus 166 paris flea market bus 255
• PC 3
• L’Audonienne (Circulaire) Saint-Ouen

Or Get to the Paris Flea Markets by Vespa scooter…

Learn More about the Paris Flea Markets :

Paris Flea Market official website


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